No Worries Massage & Bodywork provides restorative, therapeutic massage to relieve tension and pain due to everyday stresses and over-exercise. Owner Sandra McCright, a Licensed Massage Therapist, provides massage sessions tailored to the needs of each client in a safe and comfortable environment. Check out the reasonable rates and flexible schedule, then contact us to schedule an appointment!

shoulder massageSandra spent many years working in corporate environments and understands the stress of trying to achieve a work/life balance. She has also experienced the muscle soreness of over doing it when training for a event or starting a new fitness routine at full force. It wasn't until she experienced a massage at the end of a race that she understood how helpful bodywork could be in relieving the pain and stresses encountered in everyday life.

Sandra believes that massage should be a part of everyone's wellness program. Reduced stress is one of many benefits of massage and that alone is worth an hour of your time.

Take your first step toward your wellness and contact No Worries today.

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Why Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy and bodywork can:

  • lessen stress and anxiety
  • alleviate pain
  • improve flexibility and range of motion
  • reduce pain medication
  • enhance immunity
  • stretch tight muscles
  • reduce spasms and cramping
  • improve circulation
  • relax and soften overused muscles
  • and much more—and it just feels good!

Read more about the benefits of massage and bodywork.

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